29 November, 2016

New Climbing Season in Chong Plee

After such a long and wet raining season, it seems now the weather has turned to be much better and I believe everybody would agree with me saying that the new climbing season has officially started again!

In order to celebrate the beginning of the new season we formally donated the money gathered so far through the Chong Plee Fundraising Project to Mike, a little treasure of 10,000THB, and I really hope we would be able to deliver new donations in the next months.

22 August, 2016

A growing climbing community...

It is quite easy to notice that in the very last few months Phuket Climbing scene has evolved at a rapid and constant speed.

If Rock Climbing in Phuket was initially confided within the limited possibilities offered by a few fellas sharing their house-walls with their friends, today many more people are joining this amazing activities.

28 July, 2016

Art-C House - Grand Opening Postponed

As many of you have surely seen on our Phuket Climbing FacebookPage, in the last weeks we shared several posts and pictures of a New Climbing Wall located in Phuket Town inside the Art-C House.

Art-C House Management organized several testing climbing session and Phuket Climbing was friendly helping to spread the word across the climbing community gathering very positive feedbacks and warm worlds of encouragement from anybody participating the events.

13 May, 2016

Yoga, Climbing & Meditation....

David is a professional yoga teacher based in Phuket who recently started doing rock climbing and we asked him to share with us his own personal perspective about climbing.

The idea was to gather some nice point of view from a beginner perspective, eventually his words turned to be very inspiring.

Take a deep breath and be ready to be hypnotize by his words....

28 April, 2016

Climbing in Chong Plee - History, Development and Fundraising...

Spirit Mountain is a little rocky hill located in Chong Plee, only 5 minutes driving from Ao Nang, in the province of Krabi, Thailand
This little climbing gem is currently gathering more and more visibility among the climbing community both because its super easy access, and also because the very nice mix of climbing styles and grades, which make this crag a perfect spot for beginners, a very inspiring habitat for intermediate climbers and a great playground for expert climbers.

12 April, 2016

Climbing in Chong Plee - Fundraising Project to bolt new routes!

A few days ago talking with a good friend of mine we kind of realized that nowadays many climbers have a very little knowledge of climbing ethics, climbing rules, history of climbing, bolting technics or mere financial costs behind the development of a new climbing area.

Despite what some people might think, equipped climbing spots are not gifts of an invisible god, and they do not grow up naturally, instead there is a lot of work, passion, research, and financial efforts often undertaken individually by a restricted number of independent climbing developers.